Tofu with Ginger, Soy and of course Sriracha sauce


Sometimes I innocently post what I made for dinner and a ridiculous amount of people as for the recipe.

Luckily, I took some pictures of this dish to make the post interesting and lets hope informative.

Before I give you the recipe – which is hardly a recipe, let me share a tip. Whenever I have the yen for Asian flavors – I tend to go to my pantry which is always stocked with the following:

Soy sauce, Sesame oil (keep in refrigerator), mirin, ponzu sauce, hoisin sauce, rice wine vinegar and sriracha.

If you use these along with some fresh ginger – I guarantee you that your food will taste more Asian and more delicious than almost any neighborhood Chinese joint.

Back to the recipe.

Marinate extra firm tofu in the above sauces along with fresh ginger and lime juice.

Sear in a nonstick pan – add the marinade and you have delicious tofu. Serve this over rice, pasta or just have it as is with some vegetables.

I made a quick fried rice with left over brown rice for dinner yesterday.


I had steamed cauliflower, broccolini and cherry tomatoes. I chopped up an onion and fresh ginger – sauteed everything together – added the above sauces and I had a delicious fried rice.

And this was dinner. Simple, quick, delicious and healthful.


Cooking food with Asian flavors is really quite simple. Just make sure you have the aforementioned ingredients on hand.

Until I cook again!


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