Simple Dinners: Seared Salmon over Spinach and Mushrooms


I really enjoy cooking as is probably evident to any one who knows me or reads my blogs. But I also like to get in and out of the kitchen as fast as I can because I have another love – TV, Netflix, just sitting on the couch 🙂

This is a simple recipe that packs a punch in flavor, is healthful and can be cooked in under 20 minutes.  A win win if you ask me.

Portion the salmon and season with salt and pepper. Heat a nonstick pan and add a tsp of olive oil. When the oil is hot add the salmon flesh side down. Let it cook  untouched for at least a couple of minutes, more if you have the patience. You are building a crust which is where the flavor is. 

After about 4 minutes, turn it over to crisp the skin. The fish should be half way cooked by now. 

I like to throw in some scallions or onions into the oil as the fish is cooking. It gives a lovely smokey flavor to the fish and you have a pretty garnish. 

In the meantime, start cooking your vegetables. I sautéed some cremini on high heat. Once they were browned, I added sliced garlic and baby fresh spinach. Salt and pepper with a splash of rice wine vinegar to scrape up the yummy brown bits and you are ready to plate. 

 Make a bed of the vegetables, place the salmon on top and garnish with scallions and the remaining vegetables. 

Be sure not to over cook the  salmon, or any fish for that matter. 

If you are watching your fat and calories, don’t eat the skin. But there are a lot of nutrients in and around the skin. 

I served this without any carbs and didn’t miss them. 

You can of course serve this with a number of things like couscous, quinoa, brown rice, etc. 

I hope you try this simple and quick dinner. 

Until I cook again!


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