Pork Tenderloin in a Mustard Wine sauce, Zucchini and Grapes 

You often hear- Pork: it’s the other white meat.

That’s good news in that it’s healthy, and low in fat and calories – the bad news however is that it can get dry very quickly if you overcook it. And so I like to create a flavorful sauce every time I cook a pork tenderloin.

This video is of the tenderloin seared on all sides and then me deglazing it with white wine.
It is also important to sear the meat well as that’s how you develop its flavor.

Bring the pork to room temperature (as you should do with all meats), season generously with salt and pepper.

Sear on high heat in the oil of your choice – olive oil is what I used. Sear well on all sides and then remove the meat on to a plate (the meat isn’t cooked yet).

Next I quick sautéed the baby zucchini. You can use almost any vegetables you like here.

So the vegetables don’t overcook I remove them from the pan after they are browned.

Return the tenderloin to the skillet and deglaze with white wine if you like and some stock. I used both. I have used water if I have nothing else. Next, a generous dollop of your favorite mustard. This is Dijon but I have used grainy mustard also. Stir well to incorporate the mustard into the liquid.

The Dijon was salty and in order to cut the saltiness I added green grapes.

While I am not a fan of sweet in my food – the grapes here provided a lovely balance.

The choice is yours if you want to use grapes or not. Pears or apples are nice too.

Once the tenderloin reaches an internal temperature of 140 degrees – a couple degrees below is ideal as the meat continues to cook as it rests- remove it to a cutting board.

I returned the vegetables to the sauce and heated them through, as well as the grapes.

To serve, I spooned the vegetables on to a plate, placed the sliced tenderloin on top and then spooned the sauce around the plate.

I garnished with chives as that’s what I had around

You could add a starch to this – potatoes, pasta, rice or couscous- but I really didn’t miss it. It was a very satisfying dinner.

I hope you try it.

Until I cook again!


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