Flame Charred Corn – a childhood favorite

I grew up in New Delhi, India till I was 16 and often think fondly of all the snacks that I loved.

One could buy corn on the cob from a street vendor who was set up with a clever contraption of coals over a wire mesh.  You would point to the juiciest corn and he would rub it with a lemon doused with a spice mix that was spicy, o so spicy.  To think that we would eat vegetables on the street as a snack  (we also bought carrots and daikon) that mom would frown upon because it would spoil my appetite for dinner and because the man was probably dirty.  Spoiling my appetite has never been a problem – eating only invokes the desire to eat more :).  And I won’t exactly say that the man was dirty – though he never wore gloves of course (gloves were not a concept when I was growing up, at least not on the streets of Delhi).

I make this at home often.  Since I am not lucky enough to have a grill, I char the corn on an open flame till it is browned evenly on all sides.

Cut a lemon in half and put salt and some spices on a plate.  The spice mix is your choice – I use cayenne mostly.  Dip the lemon into the spices and then rub on the corn, squeezing the lemon at the same time to get some of the juice on.

Serve hot and enjoy.

The reason I am posting this is one, because I love it of course but more importantly, to remember that vegetables can be delicious and eaten as snacks.  They can even be forbidden as this was when I was a young girl 🙂

Following is a link that tells you how good corn is for you:


Isn’t it good to know that Corn is nutritious, providing fiber, which aids in digestion, plus folate, thiamin, phosphorus, vitamin C, and magnesium.

Hope you add corn and other vegetables into your diet.

Until I eat again!


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