Mackerel with Cherry Tomatoes over Quinoa and Spinach 

Mackerel is an oily fish and unfortunately an underutilized fish. I enjoy it for many reasons. One, it has a meaty consistency and stands up to bold flavors. It’s doesn’t fall apart in cooking and also the oils are healthful oils.

Like many of my dishes, this is quick, delicious and the bonus is that is it healthy. In the time it takes for the quinoa to cook, the fish is ready.

​I seared the fish in a little olive oil.
The skin is too think to eat but I do like to sear it.

I added slivered garlic, a splash of white wine, olives and some Turkish red pepper relish I had laying around. You can omit that or can use roasted peppers if you like.

Also, the juice of a large orange and a lemon. This creates a flavorful sauce. I placed cherry tomatoes on top of the fish as I didn’t want them to cook too long.

When the quinoa was cooked, I added fresh baby spinach and closed the lid of the pot. This wilts the spinach enough.

Taste the sauce and check to see if the fish is done – about 15 minutes. The flesh should have turned snowy white and flake easily.

Plate the dish by putting the quinoa and spinach on the bottom of the plate. Next I fileted the fish to remove the bones in the center.

This fish has many small bones, so make sure to warn your guests.

Place the fish over the quinoa and spoon the sauce over. Garnish with scallions and dish or your favorite herbs.

Until I cook again!


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