Being Mindful about eating Mindfully

Mindful Eating is not a new concept for me – which is not to say that I follow the concept religiously, but I sure know about it.

This is something new I read today – it makes so much sense.  But since it is such a new concept for me, I need time to digest and implement it.

This is what I read – the key words here: Eat food not stories – so damn deep, I’m tellin ya.

Eat food not stories

Eating foods that are emotionally comforting vs. eating foods that are nutritionally healthy

This is another tricky balance, and ideally we can find nourishing foods that are also satisfying and comforting. But think back to that first mindful raisin. Did that seem appealing before you tried it? There are many reasons that the raisin eating it is such a powerful exercise, but one is that when we slow down and eat healthy foods like raisins, we often enjoy them more than the story we tell ourselves about healthy foods. As we practice eating healthier and a greater variety foods, we are less inclined to binge on our comfort foods, and more inclined to enjoy healthy foods, ultimately finding many foods mentally and physically satisfying as opposed to just a few.

What this means to me is that we are all looking to relive good times, may they be from childhood, or other special moments.  It’s called nostalgia.  Proust wrote over a 1000 pages on it.

I am guilty of planning and creating meals around memories.  Fancy, labor intensive ones and just eating a bag of plain potato chips all by since I never got a chance to when I was little.

Well, apparently that is a problem and leads to overeating.

Like I said this is too new a concept for me to know how I shall incorporate it into my life, but it sure makes me think.

What about you?

Do you practice mindful eating?

Care to share ideas, techniques, problems?

Had you heard of eat food, not stories?

Would love love to hear.

Until I eat again




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