Simple Biryani with Turkey Meatballs and Peas


Biryani is a rice casserole. It is traditionally made with Basmati rice. This can be a very complex dish and take many many hours.

However, this is a simple and quick version. It is still very delicious and satisfying.


Start with the meatballs for the biryani

Pick a protein – I used minced turkey but you can use what you like – beef, lamb, chicken – I would say even fish would be great.
Season generously with salt, pepper, chopped cilantro, ginger and garlic. I also used fresh dill since I love the fresh flavor of dill.
Form the balls and cook them on the stove top in a skillet with a little oil.
They can also be baked. I have added them raw too.

I know I frustrate some people with my recipes – but I like to have options. Technique is far more important than exact instructions and…

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