The Art of Snacking

img_2951Snacks are an important part of healthful eating.

From experience, I can say that never get yourself to that point of hunger that you will eat just about anything.

When I am satiated throughout the day, I can make better choices and basically stay sane.  This is a good thing for me and those around me 🙂

Lets talk about snacks.  Anything can be considered a snack, really.

But lets talk of healthful snacks.

Edamame, shown above is a healthy and satisfying snack.

It takes a while to eat and I enjoy working on my food  – to get what’s inside like peanuts and pistachios.

I flavor the Edamame simply.

Buy a frozen package which now is available in the frozen section of almost any grocery store.

I first defrost them in the microwave and then add soy sauce, sriracha and sesame oil.

Put back in microwave for another 30 seconds and you have yourself an amazingly delicious snack.


img_2953Pop your own popcorn.

It is simple, it is cheaper and most importantly it saves you from the fake butter in those packages.

I put some kernels in a brown bag and pop them in a microwave using the popcorn feature.

The choices of flavoring of this snack are endless.

Here I am using a premade Tandoori Mix from Whole foods, but I have had it with just a little salt

Sometimes, I will sprinkle it generously with 5-spice powder, garam masala, cayenne and sugar – anything you like, really.

Use cocoa powder if you like.

Just make sure you pop your own popcorn.

img_9697Now some people might argue that salami is not the most healthful thing in the world.

In my opinion, when something is very flavorful – you can have a small amount and be satisfied.

This is salami, radish and home made hummus on a cracker.

I use this for entertaining many times or make myself a few and gobble them up while watching my favorite show or even doing work at my desk.


The subject of snacks is a vast one.

These are 3 of my favorite and something that I had in the last few weeks.

I would love to know what your go to snacks are.

Lets have a discussion.

Lets share ideas.

Lets help each other out.


Until I eat again!


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