Sauteed Chicken with Vegetables

How I taught my friend to cook healthfully on Skype

This is a very special post for me – the pics may not be the best here – some were taken by me from my computer screen and others by a very excited friend.

So my good friend, lets call him Sexiest for the purposes of this post 🙂 wanted to start cooking for himself and he wanted to eat healthfully.

We started at the grocery store with him over the phone with me directing him what to buy and trying to keep him away from the ice cream aisle.  Not an easy feat over the phone, I tell ya.

Anyway, he managed to get lots of healthy fresh vegetables.

We decided to start small and so when he got home, we decided on a red pepper, zucchini and some broccoli for the vegetables.

He cut up a chicken breast and marinated it in soy sauce, chopped garlic, lemon juice and sirracha.

This he kept aside as he tackled the vegetables – cut and wash.  Just look how neatly he stacked them up – I could use his organization when I’m cooking.

Now that everything was prepped I asked him to heat a skillet with some olive oil in it.

Let the oil heat up and add the marinating chicken in a single layer and saute over high heat for the chicken to get brown.

After a few minutes, add the vegetables and stir well.  After the vegetables have browned some what, add half a cup of water and cover to let the chicken cook through.

As soon as the chicken is cooked, the dish is done.

Taste to adjust seasoning, add more soy or spicy sauce if needed.

And my friend had dinner – he was so proud and I think enjoyed it quite a lot.

There was enough for dinner and left overs for lunch.

I was happy with his enthusiasm and spending time with Sexiest even on Skype is always a pleasure.

Until we cook again!