What do you eat when on a diet – do you deprive yourself or still try to eat delicious foods?


I will be one of the thousands, even millions who will be embarking on a diet come 2012.

I am curious to know how different people do it.

Do you deprive yourself and eat rice cakes with peanut butter?  Or do you try to eat sensibly?  Incorporating some of your favorite foods – just less of it and making it more healthful?

I do a combination of the two.

I usually start off by getting rid of one important thing from my diet – like carbs or meat for a couple of weeks.  This gets me in the groove as well as starts to clean my system.

I need to get the discipline going before I can trust myself to be sensible and choose healthfully.

I will be starting my diet on January 3rd by removing carbohydrates from my diet for 2 weeks.

What are you going to do?

Tips and or questions are welcome.

Until I eat again!