Most diets start on a Monday

Some people start a diet every Monday – I wonder how they are feeling by Wednesday.

I am not so bad – I don’t start a diet on most Mondays but this one has been long overdue.  Without getting into gory details, lets just say that it is necessary that this diet begin and be successful.

While I have read many books on how to lose weight – I am not a fan of following diets to a tee.  It is too restrictive, plus having read all those books – I like to pick and choose what I think will work for me.

I usually start with giving up carbs for a couple of days, since those are my favorite and show up as stars in my diet.  Then, I will have one carb a day.  If there is rice for lunch, then there will be no bread for dinner and so on.

A salad or a brothy soup with every meal and predetermined snacks.  It is not a good idea to start thinking of a snack when you are hungry.  Popcorn, apple with peanut butter, nuts and miso soup are my favorite snacks.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Cereal, a muffin, half a bagel or the followingg – yogurt and berries are a good start to the day.


Got any advise for a serial dieter such as me?

What about joining in?  We could check in on each other – help each other out.


Until I eat again!




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